Rik Cross

Writing for Wireframe Magazine

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I semi-regularly contribute articles to Wireframe, the new fortnightly games magazine from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The articles aim to show how to recreate features and effects from retro computer games.

Each link below includes a free downloadable PDF of the issue, as well as subscription information. Get in touch if you'd like to see an article about something in particular.

Recreate Flappy Bird's flight mechanic

#29, 19/12/2019 (p40)

Learn how to create your own version of the simple-yet-addictive side-scroller.

Create a turn-based combat system

#28, 05/12/2019 (p40)

Learn how to create the turn-based combat system found in games like Pokémon, Final Fantasy, and Undertale.

Make a tile-matching game

#25, 26/09/2019 (p40)

Rik shows you how to code your own Columns-style tile-matching puzzler.

Make a keyboard-bashing sprint game

#23, 26/09/2019 (p40)

Learn how to code a sprinting minigame straight out of Daley Thompson's Decathlon.

Create your own continue screen

#19, 01/08/2019 (p40)

Learn how to create game states, and rules for moving between them.

Path-following Lemmings

#17, 04/07/2019 (p38)

Learn how to create your own obedient lemmings that follow any path put in front of them.

Gradius' ship-following Options

#16, 20/06/2019 (p40)

Learn how to create game objects that follow the path of the main player sprite.

A Donkey Kong-style walk cycle

#14, 23/05/2019 (p40)

Effective animation gave Donkey Kong barrels of personality. Rik explains how to create a similar walk cycle.

Recreate Bomberman's iconic explosives

#12, 25/04/2019 (p32)

Learn how to recreate the exploding bombs found in the classic Bomberman games.

Recreate Pang's sprite spawning mechanic

#10, 28/03/2019 (p32)

Rik shows you how to recreate the spawning of objects found in the balloon-bursting arcade gem, Pang.

Super Mario-style jumping physics

#7, 14/02/2019 (p32)

Learn how to create your own Super Mario-style running and jumping action in Python.

A retro-style high-score table

#5, 17/01/2019 (p32)

Here’s how to create a high-score table that you can easily add to your own games.

Asteroids' thruster motion

#4, 20/12/2018 (p30)

Learn how to recreate the iconic player physics from Atari’s arcade classic, Asteroids.

Moon Patrol's illusion of depth

#3, 06/12/2018 (p32)

Classic games like Moon Patrol used parallax scrolling to create a sense of depth. Here’s how you can recreate the effect for yourself.